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About Us


At Humanitas, our mission goes beyond providing technology solutions.

We are an awarding-winning team of innovators specializing in hyper-resilient telecommunications, UAV, AI, AR & VR, simulation & digital twin, and distributed edge computing.

Our ultimate mission is to develop autonomous and off-the-grid technologies for the next generation to help eliminate the digital divide and provide mission-critical professionals with broader situational awareness and ensured teamwork, anytime and anytime, in order to save more lives.

Today, we also work to democratize our technology for routine businesses that seek digital transformation, increased efficiency, and most importantly, with a reasonable budget.

To learn more about our projects and works, please visit our website.

NDC Vision: Smart Ubiquity


Robot Hand
Image by Thomas Chan
Image by Christopher Gower

NDC for Robots

NDC, as a minicomputer with various sensors, can be a complementary payload to a drone, a rover or any other robots to add more intelligence, automated edge control and other capabilities. NDC can also act as the network nodes to support autonomous collaborative robot swarming.

NDC for Outdoors

NDC is not for indoor use only. Once armed with weather-proof cases, they can be installed outside and provide smart capabilities, insights from real-time data for overall city and public management, and even open-air network connectivity to the city and the public.

NDC Apps: Quick Development with HxS

One of the best things about NDC is that this solution can be tailored to every exact need that a business may have. To do so, a good selection of apps is required. To facilitate their development, customization, and shortcut the overall development lifecycle, HxS is the go-to platform.

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