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Visibility, Efficiency and Security

Digitally Transforming your Management with NDC for Ubiquitous Smart Solutions

What is Nano Data Center (NDC)?


The solution, as the name implies, is based on the concept of small interconnected innovative devices. These plug-and-play, pocket-size devices called NDC Nodes.


With a variety of embedded sensors, the NDC offers extensive digital capabilities such as:

  • Reliable network connectivity anywhere,

  • Real-time location tracking of objects of interest and sensor data monitoring,

  • Data analytics, insights, and dashboards,

  • Embedded workflow and process automation,

  • And many other Over-the-Top (OTT) applications and services for an infinite number of use cases.

NDC Platform Illustration_202208.png

At a Glance



Energy Cost Reduction


Business Continuity Improvement


Operational Cost Saving


Operational & Energy Efficiency Increase

NDC Features & Enabled Services


Navigation & Wayfinding

Turn-by-turn directions to static or dynamic points of interest both indoor and outdoor

Location Tracking

Visual tracking of people, and assets; both moving and static throughout their itinerary

VoIP & VideoIP

Encrypted bilateral audio/video communication

Everywhere Connectivity

Evenly distributed connection uninterrupted by existing networks

Contextual Aware Content

Deliver hyperlocal content to targeted customers at the right moment

Automated Workflows

Automated & auto-adjusted workflows integrated with real-time location and sensor data

Ready for Advanced Visualization

Compatible with AR to visually augment the real world with specific data

Real-time Business Intelligence

Dig into real-time location & sensor data to extract business insights for informed decision-making

Modern Digital Watch

What makes our technology DIFFERENT?


Frictionless Setup, no special knowledge or expertise required

Minimum Infrastructure

Least Infrastructure & configuration required


Cutting-edge cybersecurity for resilience and robustness


Intuitive UI facilitates Interaction & Production

Mobile First

Accessible from multiple platforms for maximum real-time collaboration

Image by Pedro Lastra

NDC across Industries


Smart Hospitals

Streamline operations with autonomy and improved flow management for infection prevention

Smart Workplace

Workplace of secure and energy efficiency to boost and engage employees with improved productivity and experience

Smart Airports

Better time management for more engaged customers. Improved traveler experience from a seamless frictionless journey.

Why Implement NDC?


  • Cut on costs

Reduce unnecessary procurement, overtime pay, and many other expenses associated with operational inefficiencies that can be avoided with better management of visibility enabled by NDC.

  • Increased Revenue

Higher overall operational efficiency, resulting in more patients receiving care in equal time; generating a greater revenue.

  • Improved Performance and Care Quality

No more unwanted diversions and tension from overloads, allowing care teams to strive by concentrating on providing quality care services to patients.

  • Better on-site Safety and Security

Real-time location tracking for all patients, personnel and assets allows immediate response in case of emergency.

  • Reassuring Cybersecurity

The local network nature protects the system from external attacks. While powerful, AI-powered cybersecurity algorithms give an extra layer of defense for greater robustness.


They Trust Us

Deployment at Charles-Le Moyne Hospital

Since 2020, the Charles-Le Moyne Hospital has been working with Humanitas to implement real-time location services to help in flow management and infection prevention during COVID-19. Currently, the hospital tracks stroke patients in order to obtain real-time data for service quality assessment and continuous improvement.

Have an idea for your smart plan?

Here at Humanitas, our mission goes beyond providing technology solutions. We believe co-development is the right way leading to business-tailored solutions. 

​If you have a plan or idea, we are always here for listening and your project concretization.

Shoot us an email today to find the customized Smart NDC solution that best fits the needs and requirements of your business.

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+1 (514) 803-0920

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